Recording a TV Show

Via the Program GuideMain Menu

There are three standard methods for entering the Electronic Program Guide -

  1. Press the Guide hotkey on your remote control,
  2. Press Ctrl+Alt+G key combination on the keyboard, or
  3. From the Main Menu select
  • Manage Recordings
    • Schedule Recordings
      • Program Guide

Via the Program Finder

Main MenuFrom the Main menu follow the following path to access the Program Finder

  • Manage Recordings
    • Schedule Recordings
      • Program Finder

From the “Program Finder” you can search for your TV show via the alphabetic selection screen.

Selecting the Program to Record

EPG Scroll thorough the “Electronic Program Guide” or “Program Finder”, using your arrow keys on either the remote control or the keyboard, until you find the show you wish to record. myPVR will automatically allocate the first available tuner on a dual tuner system and attempt to avoid programming conflicts.

Select the show you want to record by pressing OK on the remote control or Enter on the keyboard. You now will have a screen with the name of the show, the air date, channel and a brief description of the show. Use your arrow keys on both the remote control and the keyboard to choose your recording options:

  • Recording/timeslot choices
    • record once
    • record weekly
    • record daily
  • Record Program

  • Scheduling options
    • priority
    • minutes before and after
    • search for duplicate recordings
  • Storage options
    • high/low quality
    • recording group
    • auto expire
  • Post recording processing
    • commercial flag
    • transcoding to mpeg4
  • Schedule information
    • program details
    • previous and upcoming episodes
  • Preview schedule changes
    • lists any clashes with other recording schedules
  • Save these settings