Selecting an Input Source for Recordings

Normally when recording a TV show myPVR will automatically select the most appropriate video input source. There are times where you might want to force a recording to use a particular source.


Step 1 Select the Program to Record.

You might choose to do this via the “Electronic Program Guide” or “Program Finder”. Use the arrow keys on either the remote control or the keyboard until you find the show you wish to record.

Select the show you want to record by pressing OK on the remote control or Enter on the keyboard.

Scheduling Options

Step 2 Scheduling Options

Once you have decided how often you want to record the program you will need to select “Scheduling Options” in order to override the automatic input selection.

Scheduling Options

Step 3 Override the Input Source

The defaults to “Use any available Input”. Select this line in the menu and press OK to get the available options.

Input Options

Step 4 Carefully choose your Input Source.

You should now have a screen similar to the one on the right. The number of available inputs will depend on your configuration. You can now select the video input you want to force this recording or set of recordings to use.

Note that it is possible to select any input in this screen, even those for which this program isn’t available.
Scheduling Options

Step 5 Finish adding your new recording.

We advise you to check the Upcoming Recordings screen after making these changes to check that your program will be able to record correctly.

Main Menu -> Manage Recordings -> Upcoming Recordings