Burning TV to DVD

MythTV now includes a high featured DVD archiving tool called MythArchive. As well as the ability to archive your favourite TV shows to DVD you can also copy video files to DVD or convert them to a Video DVD.

This guide covers the process of converting existing TV recordings to DVD. In the case of myPVR most of your TV recordings are already in MPEG2 and as such can be quite easily converted to DVD Video by following the instructions below.

Navigation Tips.

Whilst navigating the dialogue screens you can move around using the arrow keys on your remote control. The behaviour of the keys depends on the type of navigation item you currently have selected.

Selection Boxes

Selection Box
When a selection box is highlighted the Left / Right keys change the value, whilst Up / Down move you onto the next dialogue item.

Selection Lists

Selection List
A selection list behaves differently from a selection box. Here the Up / Down keys are used to move within the list of items.You need to press the OK or Enter buttons to select an itemThe Left / Right keys move you onto the previous / next items within the on-screen dialogue.

Step 1 Start MythArchive.

From the Main Menu select the “Optical Disks” menu and then select the “Archive Files” option.

Main MenuStart MythArchive

Step 2 Select TV Shows for Archiving.

Now select “Find Files to Archive”, and then “Select Recordings”

Find FilesSelect Files
Select RecordingsYou should now see the “Select Recordings” screen as shown on the right. You can use the arrow keys to find the recordings you wish to archive, and select them by pressing “OK” on the remote, or Enter on your keyboard.Once you have made all of your choices click the on screen “OK” button to continue. Then click the back button on your remote to go back one menu level.

Step 3 Creating the DVD.

Now select “Find Video Files”, and then “Create DVD”

Export FilesCreate DVD
Select Destination
You have now started the DVD authoring process and should have the “Select Destination” screen as shown on the right. Here we can choose the type of disk we want to burn. Typical options are

  • DVD ± R Single Layer
  • DVD ± R Dual Layer
  • DVD ± RW

Select the option most appropriate for the type of disk you are going to burn, and then click on Next.

Select Archive Items
The next screen lets you choose which recordings you want on this disk. In Step 2 you might have chosen enough TV shows to fill several disks.Select the shows you want and press OK on the remote to confirm your choices. The gauge on the right hand side will provide a rough idea of how full the disk will be based on your video selections.Once you are happy click on Next.
Select Theme
MythArchive provides a selection of themes that affect how your created DVD plays.Once you have made your choice click on Next.
Order and Transcode
This last screen lets you re-organise the order of your selected recordings. If you select a recording you can move it up/down within the playlist.If your selections won’t fit on a DVD you can also choose a transcoding option to shrink the videos to the required size.Once you are happy with your selections click on Finish.

Start MythArchive

Step 4 Disk Generation and Burning.

You will now get the MythArchive Log Viewer. Please make sure that you have loaded the correct type of DVD into your unit as the burn process will fail if no DVD disk is present.

This log viewer will update at regular intervals during the authoring and burn process. It is also possible to exit MythArchive and perform other tasks whilst allowing the authoring and burn to happen in the background.

The time required to generate and burn a disk can vary dramatically depending on the number of videos you have selected, and if you have chosen to transcode the files. This can take anything from 20 minutes to several hours.